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Leavers Hoodies

Here at Hole in the Wall, we have been printing hoodies, tshirts and many other garmets for years, and we're pleased to announce a new range of leavers hoodies. Take a look at the options below and get in touch with us if you'd like to order. We will call you back and make sure you're happy with the options then we'll be able to provide a final price.

 Hoodies don't need to be for leavers, we also do them for ski trips, netball trips, etc. just get in touch!

Step 1: Pick a back logo

Back design 1
Back design 2
Back design 3
Back design 4
Back design 5
Back design 6
Back design 7
Back design 8
Back design 9
Back design 10
Back design 11

Step 2: Chose your colour(s)


Red Hoodie Front


Puple Hoodie Front


Black Hoodie Front


Grey Hoodie Front


Burgundy Hoodie Front

Navy Blue

Navy Hoodie Front

Royal Blue

Royal Hoodie Front

Step 3: Decide on a front logo


Hoodie No Logo


Hoodie School Logo


Hoodie Custom Logo

Step 4: Send us a message!

Just fill out the below details and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Other Details


Printed hoodies are usually £16.99 for Junior Schools and £19.99 for senior schools including VAT with front and back logos..


We can provide many more colours, please ask for availability.


We normally deliver directly to schools, but let us know if we can accomodate you in any other way.

  Sizes available

Size Chest to Fit
Age 9-11 28/30
Age 12-13 30/32
X-Small 32/34
Small 34/36
Medium 38/40
Large 40/42
X-Large 42/44